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Imperial Soldbuch.

Issued to man from Hamburg, well filled in from 1918 to 1930, an army soldier that ended up an Unteroffizer, in section 8 it looks as he may have been in what looks like the 4th Luft Regt, possibly Anti Aircraft.Item in excellent condition.

Code: 54733

22.00 GBP

War Merit Cross.

Second class example with swords, nice early bronze type complete with its maker marked packet of issue, near mint set.

Code: 54661

45.00 GBP

R.A.D. Long Service Medal.

Light weight mans four year service medal in excellent condition, complete with pin fitting to the ribbon that has detached one side and could be easily sewn on if desired.

Code: 54708

75.00 GBP

N.S.K.O.V. Members Badge.

Alloy badge in very good condition, fully marked on the reverse

Code: 54744

28.00 GBP

Political Leaders Cap Wreath.

Zinc made wreath with all prongs, most of the gilt has gone, the wreath has been repaired some time ago and could be period, RZM and maker marked on the reverse,

Code: 54699

25.00 GBP

Artillery Gunners Badge.

Embroidered sleeve badge as worn by Army gunners, excellent condition with a couple of small moth holes.

Code: 54724


Army Breast Eagle.

Bevo embroidered eagle in mint uncut condition, grey on green.

Code: 54651


Rally Badge,

Plastic stick pin badge showing a Swastika, the badge looks home made but is fully maker marked on the reverse.

Code: 54727

15.00 GBP

Parachute Regiment.

Matching pair of embroidered wartime era shoulder titles in very good condition, removed from tunic.

Code: 54687


North Devon Imperial Yeomanry.

Brass badge in very good condition, worn from 1903 to 1908, scarce.

Code: 54667

285.00 GBP