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Family Casualty Group.

1st, 27932 Bomb S Harbour 43rd Bty RFA, Queens South Africa Medal with Orange Free State and Cape Colony bars, confirmed on copy document and copy exerts from his short service book that also states he died of fever in 1900.
2nd, 56016 Gnr G.M. Martin 47th Siege Bty RGA, 1914/15 Trio, commemorative scroll with post tube, plaque letter and single I.D. disc.
The medals come with copy's of his short service book, medal roll, MIC and CWGC details, I am not sure what the relationship is but G.M Martin's Father and S. Martin both came from Lambeth as per the 1911 census and S. Martin's record book, Brothers I think, the family later moved to Gosport.

Code: 54936

295.00 GBP

Victory Medal.

282446 /141077 Pte J Whitaker Lancs Fusiliers and 66th Coy MGC, DIED 28/9/18 and buried Le Cateau Military Cemetery, complete with copy MIC medal roll and CWGC details.

Code: 54931

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Women's Army Corp India.

Cast metal badge in very good condition

Code: 54971

18.00 GBP

War Service Badge,

Standard badge dated 1915 with makers name and issue number to the reverse, item in very good condition.

Code: 54969


GHQ India.

Single printed badge in excellent condition and removed from tunic, 1944 version.

Code: 54990

12.00 GBP

4th Infantry Division.

Printed wartime badge in good condition, removed from tunic.

Code: 54923


Propeller Tip Picture Frame.

Tip mounted on a stand, complete with photo of an RAF Auxiliary Officer with Kings crown cap badge and medal bar, item in excellent condition.

Code: 54925

70.00 GBP

Order of the Silesian Eagle.

First class private purchase enamel version in excellent condition with no damage, instituted in 1919 for the Freikorps Oberland who fought in the Silesian uprising.

Code: 54801


Red Cross Stick Pin.

First pattern pin in excellent condition with no enamel damage, sadly the pin has been broken at some time leaving it short, priced accordingly.

Code: 54873


Police Stick Pin.

Silver metal pin in good used condition, as worn on the civilian clothes.

Code: 54870