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Army Cap Eagle.

White on green bevo o/r cap badge, item in very good condition removed from an album with glue stains on the reverse.

Code: 54570

28.00 GBP

Rally Badge.

Impressive alloy badge for Gautag Wien 1939, excellent condition and maker marked on the reverse.

Code: 54597

30.00 GBP

1st/6th Airborne Division.

Embroidered badge with BD backing, item in very good condition.

Code: 54598


NSKK Sleeve Badge.

Stamped alloy badge with black background as worn by the Traffic Education Service branch of the NSKK for over six months service, badge in excellent condition and detail, scarce item.

Code: 54590

165.00 GBP

Paperwork Group.

A group of seven document to the same man, Obergefreiter Johannes Meyer of 2. Infantry Regiment 513, citations for the Infantry assault badge in silver 1942, Iron Cross 2nd class 1942, I think there is a typing error as this one, it states 2./ J.R. 513, Russian Front Medal 1942, Regiment now 2/Gren Regt 513, Black wound badge 1943, another Black wound badge citation 1943, this is strange to have two citations for the same award unless there was an error and another issued as he was promoted and is Unteroffizer on this one, silver wound badge 1945, this time 4. Pz Jg. Kdr Friedrich, and his Allied registration certificate dated 28.6.1945 which has been printed on the back of a War Office map. Interesting group that would benefit from a lot more research, all the documents are in excellent but folded condition.

Code: 54592

325.00 GBP

Iron Cross 2nd Class.

1939 issue in very good but tarnished condition, complete with original ribbon.

Code: 54571


Hitler Youth sports badge.

Silver class runic proficiency badge in excellent condition, fully marked on the reverse and complete with issue number.

Code: 54574


Wound Badge.

1939 issue black grade, steel made example with all finish remaining except for the high points of the swastika.

Code: 54384


Luftwaffe cap eagle.

Alloy eagle in very good condition, complete with both pins and marked FLL on the reverse, very good detail,

Code: 54572

45.00 GBP

Armenian Volunteers Arm Shield,

Bevo made badge in very good used condition, removed from tunic.

Code: 54569